This site serves a very simple purpose - to tell the story of my almost unbelievable experience with U-Haul and serve as a warning to anyone considering using their services - U-Haul is bad!.

My wife and I had just bought a house and were looking for a moving truck to move a pool table I had inherited. After calling around we had decided that a 14' truck from U-Haul was the best way to go, as it would allow us to move our largest belongings in just a couple trips, cutting down on mileage.

We called around to several truck rental companies, and ultimately found U-Haul to have the best rates, despite the fact that we called 5 different stores and got 5 different sets of pricing. One store claimed insurance was mandatory. We chose the one that seemed like the best deal, which ended up being the U-Haul store on Miller Road in Flint, MI, hoped we didn't get screwed, and reserved a truck.

Picking up the truck
I arrived with my father-in-law and 2 brothers-in-law pick up the 14' foot truck we had reserved and had to wait in line for almost 45 minutes even though there were only 3 people ahead of us - they are THAT disorganized. When we finally reached the counter, the representative told me they are going to pull the truck around, and they gave me a where I was to note any damage to the truck, verify the fuel, etc. So far so good.

We were examining the truck and my father-in-law noticed that in the back of the truck, right inside the gate, there was a dolly and a huge bag of blankets strapped down, with a note that if we wanted to use them they would be $12 ($5 for the blankets, $7 for the dolly). Not only did the man who took the reservation the day before ask if we wanted them - to which we answered "no" - but they were totally in the way; we got this exact size because it was just big enough to move the pool table. I needed all the space in that truck. And if we removed them we would have to pay for them. So my father-in-law suggested I just go in and tell them I needed to have them removed.

The confrontation
I returned to turn in the report and asked that the dolly and blankets be removed, and the girl started stammering that they are in all the trucks. I said I didn't care, I didn't want them and they were in the way, and there was no way I was paying $12 just to move them so that I would have the room that I was told I would have. All of the sudden the manager, Randy Walther (whose name was on the front door as the store manager), jumped in and said, in a very short-tempered and haughty tone, "Then you have to get a bigger truck."

My father-in-law said that was ridiculous and that that was probably grounds for a lawsuit, and Mr. Walther just snapped. He started yelling (yes, yelling) at the girl to "reverse the rental!" because "he threatened to sue us" (he didn't threaten to sue them). My father-in-law cooled down and walked out before he said anything, and I told Mr. Walther that he wasn't the one renting it, I was, & he said, "Then you need to choose who you bring in here better and make sure they shut their mouth."

I flipped. I said, "What do you care?!" and he started with the "reverse the rental!" yelling again, while all the customers were laughing and staring at him in disbelief. I told him that I'd be calling customer service to report him and he told me to go ahead. On the way out I told him good luck finding a new job, and he quipped, "See you in the funny papers."

Customer "service"
I returned to the parking lot to leave, and found that my father-in-law had called customer service, who assured him that they would be calling me within 48 hours to get this all straightened out.

They never called.

I will never, ever rent a truck from U-Haul and would encourage others to avoid them as well. And it's not just me who has had problems with them (or just this store or Randy Walther they have had problems with) - please visit these other websites and webpages telling similar stories to mine:

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